Library Hours & Information


What are the library hours?

The library is open daily from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


When can I check out books?

Students may check out books in the mornings before school starts, during the day with a pass from your teacher, and after school.

  What do I do if I want to come to the library during class time?

If you come to the library during class time, for any reason, you MUST have a pass.  The pass needs to have your name, the date and time, and a teacher's signature on it.  If you come to the library without a pass you will be sent back to class.


How many books can I check out?

Students may check out three books at a time unless you owe library fines or have a lost book.

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What if I owe old library fines?


If you owe any library fines at Miller High School or any other CCISD school, those fines must be taken care of before you check out any books.  You may pay your fines or return books from other schools at the Miller library.  Miller High School fines may also be paid on the Web Store.  Talk to the librarian or library assistant, they can help you with any questions.


My library book is missing. What do I do?


Visit the library to see if someone has turned it in. Check all your classrooms to see if it was left behind. Look again! Most students who think they have lost books find them in their family vehicles, homes, closets or bottom of their backpacks.


What if my book is overdue?


Turn it in as soon as possible!  Library fines of 10 cents per day are charged for overdue books beginning on the 5th day after the date they were due.  You cannot check out a book from any CCISD library unless you turn in the late book.


What if I lost my book?


If you are certain you lost the book, the librarian or library media specialist can print out an itemized list with price of the book. Payment for lost book must be made in the library or on the Web Store.


Are cell phones allowed in the library?


Yes, cell phones are allowed in the library.  However, if you must have a conversation we ask that you please step outside.


May I bring food to the library?


Sorry, absolutely no food and drinks are allowed in the library.